Mitsubishi Lancer or Kia Rio: A Case of Style Over Substance

Phoenix has a range of one of a kind spots where by you can choose stunning pictures. Only automated is supplied with the two.5XT, whose dual-overhead-cam turbocharged engine generates 224 horsepower at 5200 rpm. The Pilot is out there in 4 design selections: The base LX, the mid-level EX, the more-aspect EX-L and the loaded Touring.

Engine Capacity

This Mitsubishi Lancer Critique is a person of them as the effectiveness and outlook of this motor vehicle is pretty romantic which helps make any person to drop in appreciate with. 5. BMW3 Series: The BMW3 collection is a quite very good variety for purchasers. I’m not absolutely sure, but it appears to be like a compact wagon with oversize wheels and tires, is obtainable with all-wheel-travel, is made in Kentucky, and constructed on the Camry system.

Making a neat cumbersome auto like an SUV is a obstacle that a lof vehicle makers have seemed to have abandoned. You could have recognized Kia’s advertsement campaign on Television set. It truly is named “Peer Into A Soul” and functions three various predicaments with people today staring into the digital camera with quizzical appears to be like on their faces.


– Selling price estimates on line do not include things like coverage or supplemental costs nonetheless, they are shown in the total quotation. Place needs: Antique and vintage cars and trucks need to have a whole lot of area for correct parking and physique treatment. It is really not a rip-off mainly because you have the selection to spend $24.ninety five a thirty day period for your net portal but I would personally advise all people to have 1 it can be a excellent company device.

This is the autos which will make the house owners pleasure and the viewer envy! Crafted in the early 1700s, the Sue Ryder Foundation now occupies the residence as a care residence, and amazingly second hand cars hold their value in the park retains lots of of the capabilities from its earlier as a grand state home backyard garden.



Used Cars Ireland – Review of the BMW Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Hatch

Hi, Simon here from Joe Duffy Mini and today I’m going to give you a quick run true of this Mini Cooper SD John Cooper Works edition. This Mini Cooper comes with a 17 inch mini alloy wheel wrapped

in room flat tyres. It has a chrome package around the front grille the headlights the handles and all around the window frames. It also has some protective glass on the back. As you move towards the back

of the car you can see by opening up the boot that it has a very nice generous boot space for a Mini Cooper. It also has folding rear passenger seats.

As you move towards the back we can see it’s quite comfortable for passengers riding in the back. It has eyes or fixed features on either side we can see in the driver side door panel the controls for the front and rear electric windows and the controls for the electric wing mirrors. Also moving over to the driver seat we can see the sports seats with leg extenders. We see the automatic headlights and automatic window wiper functions.


The John Cooper Works edition mini sports steering wheel with multifunction for Bluetooth and cruise control. And as we see it inside the cockpit we can see the mini our drive display this displays such information as your telephone your multimedia and your radio information. This is all controlled by the controller found on the center console.

This is a six-speed manual transmission and this Mini Cooper SD comes with a two-year warranty as standard. If you have any further questions about the features of this John Cooper Works mini SD please don’t  hesitate to contact one of our sales team on 01 864 7777 or for more great deals on used cars for sale in Ireland visit our website at

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Review


This BMW Will Turn Heads On The Streets Of Dublin

I’ve been through countless used BMW cars in Ireland but guess what. I loved this car 2 years ago when I last reviewed it. And I love it even more today. It makes me feel special. It’s a unique feeling which I get from few and far cars today. Diesel…..and you still get a super car fast feeling. Zero to 100 kph in just over 5 seconds. Wow! But it’s not just the performance that I love. It’s the entire package. It’s the car in it’s entirety. If I were to say, take off down the road at 150kph I would happily drive it till the cows came home.

There are a few changes I’d make though. Perhaps a USB port up front. The headrest is slightly off to the left slightly. I love this car so much though. It’s one of the best man made machines ever. And easily one of the best BMW’s for sale.

One Of The Best BMW’s For Sale

Most motoring journalists will look for something to give out about. I’m supposed to say lots of nasty things about it. Or bang on about how the M5 is the best car in the world. Or the BMW i8. But no, while I would love it. And I would have tonnes of fun in an M3. But I couldn’t live with it. Because for the little things in life, like running to the shops, or picking up the kids from school, then this is the car for me.

Ford Mondeo Vignale 2017 Review

Ford Vignale - Used Cars Ireland

The Vignale is like an avocado. It has a strange name, and it does cost a bit more than your average vegetable but like anything with a premium price tag, it sets it apart from the pack. It has quilted leather with piping and even leather up on the dashboard. In a Mondeo, that’s usual. It suggests Italian chic, and with Ford, you get a fully loaded motor. You have keyless ignition, a 12 speaker stereo and when you turn it on, the screen says Vignale (I still can’t pronounce it).

Like a normal Mondeo, you get a video review, ample storage and like the Mondeo it is very practical with lots of room, and with back seats like a Mondeo you have plenty of knee room. With the saloon version however, tall people might feel a little restricted and have the gel brushed from their hair, however there is lots of room for feet. If you need to carry three people you will feel squashed. One nice feature is the folding seats for carrying longer options.


In the boot, you get plenty of room however, for a saloon the opening is pretty wide. You can store extra items under the spare wheel canopy. There are several tethering points but overall, the boot is a bit of an awkward shape preventing full storage options.


It’s not overly convincing as a top of the range premium option. However when you get behind the wheel you begin to see where the money is being spent. The 180 HP diesel does nought to sixty in 9 seconds which is good. And with 53 mpg you get value out of a tank of gas. The gear box is nice and smooth and as for the overall driving experience, well….it’s just like a Mondeo.

Compared to other premium cars like say, a Jaguar XJS, it’s very comfortable, but my only major issue is one of visibility. It’s sometimes tricky to tell where the corner of the car is so when you are cornering you may get the feeling you are going to scratch the front.

Pros & Cons

My grudges would be, lack of space say for carrying skis, a 4 litre engine and no automated boot. But overall the things I like are active noise control, changeable ambient lighting and a 24 hour helpline.  

For more information on the Ford Vignale call or visit the Joe Duffy Group for the latest in used cars Ireland.


VW Golf GTI – Clubsport Edition Hot Hatch Review

VW Golf GTi - Used Cars Irleland

On first inspection it looks great. Depending on your point of view the Clubsport could actually be your ideal performance car. It’s 100kg lighter than the Golf R, and so it’s more agile. It has different suspension to the standard GTI. So it’s more responsive, more playful. The car really rocks you around the corners and when you get on the gas early it goes pretty well for a front wheel car.

One of the issues I have is that there is a little understeer with the standard tyres. You can get the car with supersticky tyres which improve the front end action. Although it will never come out of a corner as good as an all wheel drive.

It’s an absolute beauty. At 265 horsepower and when in third gear you actually get 290 horsepower. This lasts for ten seconds and then boom….it’s back to 265 HP. And then ten seconds later, you can floor it again and be back at290HP. Love it! So it’s up and down, a bit like unlocking extra power in a computer game.

It’s kind of hard to differentiate between 265 and 290 HP. This change in performance stacks up well against the Golf R and when you get the little bit of extra power and while some will opt for the occasional power boost, it does suggest you don’t get the full whack all the time.


The upgraded design is off the charts. From the front you get big intakes, nice downforce and gloss door mirrors. At the back you get some sexy spoilers with sideskirts. Combine that with the huge diffuser and you get tonnes of downforce up at 90 kph.


The interior is beautiful. Like a normal GTI but you get a contoured steering wheel and hard back bucket seats as an option. If you want a hot hatch with front wheel drive, then this is your baby.

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The All New BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 series has always offered more space and luxury than the cheaper 3 series. Despite only being a few thousand euros more expensive. This latest model will move these cars further apart than ever before. Under the skin it closely resembles BMW’s flagship limousine model and shares much of the same technology. Does this mean the 5 series is a bargain? We shall find out…

If your budget can stretch the 530d you will be tempted, although its cheaper to run than a company car yet it’s still strong and quiet. I want more bang for my buck like most people considering buying a used car in Ireland. It’s surprisingly fun to drive for a big saloon. It’s agile and precise. You can go for the power steering but on the other hand we would recommend you tick the box for optional suspension control. This lets you ride even the bumpiest of roads brilliantly.


The car is super smooth. It has an 8 speed automatic gearbox. An uncanny ability to shut out road and wind noise. It completes a great driving experience. It’s disappointing you need to pay extra for adjustable lumbar support, but that said the seats are extremely comfortable, supportive and offer plenty of adjustment.

The dashboard is logically laid out too. You will not feel short changed unlike other people shopping for used cars Dublin. As the fit and finish is of cars tWald-2011-BMW-5-Series-1hat cost twice as much. Visibility is great thanks to slim windscreen pillars. Every 5 series comes with a 10.2 inch entertainment system with DAP radio as well as online services. It’s easy to control using the rotary dial. When you stop you can slide it off just like your ipad. They make it so easy to connect up which is great if you’re not tech savvy.

I’m not the tallest but in this car you can easily fit in the back seat. The middle seat is not too comfortable and it’s disappointing you have to pay extra for split folding seats but the boot has plenty of space for golf clubs and suitcases and it’s a decent size cabin with plenty of space to store your everyday objects.

The BMW 5 series is priced in line with its closest rival the Mercedes E class and Jaguar XF. it give you 40 miles plus to the gallon. It gives you heated leather seats dual zone climate control and satellite navigation.

It’s a classy saloon with low running costs and lots of standard equipment. It more than lives up to its promise. For more information why not drop into Joe Duffy Motors where we have a wide range of new and used BMW cars. Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Or perhaps you might like to learn more about new and used cars. Joe Duffy is Ireland’s leading supplier of BMW, Mini, VW, Ford and Kia cars. We stand over every car that we sell. It is this promise to the customer that has made us Ireland’s number one supplier of new and used cars. Call us today or shop online.


BMW 5 Series

Five is the magic number for BMW. The german firms saloon has been the object of desire for senior managers.However the german car recently has been overtaken by a host of rivals such as the Mecedes E class and Jaguar. It used to feel stale, but it no longer feels like a used BMW. So the fight back begins with the new 5 series. It promises unrivalled comfort and driving fun.

At a glance it looks like the old car. But bigger. BMW have played safe with the exterior but they’ve gone to town on the interior. You will feel right at home here. The quality of the materials, the interior, the technology…it just feels a little bit above previous models. In fact it’s probably better than a Mercedes E class. It has a glossy feel to the touch. You have all bells and whistles here with the climate controls, the latest iDrive entertainment system with the new touch screen graphics and interchangeable interface. With menus similar to an iphone that lets you sweep and it even has a gesture control to spin up and down the volume.

It just works so well. It’s not just the quality. It’s the engine underneath that has two effects. It is so quiet. And yet it improves efficiency. On this 3 litre straight six diesel all you get is a muted roar, with a slightly refined rumble. It genuinely is luxury. With this model you get a ride that is so smooth. Again it’s like you are in a class above most of the used cars in Irelandbmw car. The road surface feel is perfect. In combination with the tyres and the low wind noise BMW say that the drag efficient is as low as 0.2 which is the best so far.

It’s such a refined car. It’s so easy to drive. And so it has managed to reduce the weight by around 100kg and so it feels more lithe than it’s size suggest. And this car if you drop it into sport, then the body goes rigid, the body is much tighter. There is also a 4 wheel steering set up along with 4-wheel drive and it just means that through a slow corner it just feels so agile as it flicks around with no understeer. In the fast lane it is quick turning. It is a bit like a 3 series but it is definitely fooling me into thinking it’s a big car. It has more speed than a 3 litre straight six diesel and drives through an 8 speed automatic gear box. With this engine it is so refined that the performance is deceptive. It does nought to sixty in 5.4 seconds. It is just so smooth and so quiet for such a big car.

With the automatic and the 4 wheel drive it’s so impressive as is the 56 mpg fuel return. This car is a game changer. So has it regained it’s executive crown? Well we shall have to wait and see. It’ looks aren’t changed but it is a car for keen drivers and is more fun than a Jaguar XF.