BMW 5 Series

Five is the magic number for BMW. The german firms saloon has been the object of desire for senior managers.However the german car recently has been overtaken by a host of rivals such as the Mecedes E class and Jaguar. It used to feel stale, but it no longer feels like a used BMW. So the fight back begins with the new 5 series. It promises unrivalled comfort and driving fun.

At a glance it looks like the old car. But bigger. BMW have played safe with the exterior but they’ve gone to town on the interior. You will feel right at home here. The quality of the materials, the interior, the technology…it just feels a little bit above previous models. In fact it’s probably better than a Mercedes E class. It has a glossy feel to the touch. You have all bells and whistles here with the climate controls, the latest iDrive entertainment system with the new touch screen graphics and interchangeable interface. With menus similar to an iphone that lets you sweep and it even has a gesture control to spin up and down the volume.

It just works so well. It’s not just the quality. It’s the engine underneath that has two effects. It is so quiet. And yet it improves efficiency. On this 3 litre straight six diesel all you get is a muted roar, with a slightly refined rumble. It genuinely is luxury. With this model you get a ride that is so smooth. Again it’s like you are in a class above most of the used cars in Irelandbmw car. The road surface feel is perfect. In combination with the tyres and the low wind noise BMW say that the drag efficient is as low as 0.2 which is the best so far.

It’s such a refined car. It’s so easy to drive. And so it has managed to reduce the weight by around 100kg and so it feels more lithe than it’s size suggest. And this car if you drop it into sport, then the body goes rigid, the body is much tighter. There is also a 4 wheel steering set up along with 4-wheel drive and it just means that through a slow corner it just feels so agile as it flicks around with no understeer. In the fast lane it is quick turning. It is a bit like a 3 series but it is definitely fooling me into thinking it’s a big car. It has more speed than a 3 litre straight six diesel and drives through an 8 speed automatic gear box. With this engine it is so refined that the performance is deceptive. It does nought to sixty in 5.4 seconds. It is just so smooth and so quiet for such a big car.

With the automatic and the 4 wheel drive it’s so impressive as is the 56 mpg fuel return. This car is a game changer. So has it regained it’s executive crown? Well we shall have to wait and see. It’ looks aren’t changed but it is a car for keen drivers and is more fun than a Jaguar XF.


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